Monday, April 12, 2010

I Am Taking Over

Welcome to my new family blog!! Everyone has been wanting us to update the other blog...and I wasn't happy with the way it was set up..(because I didn't do it) :).
I have all of a sudden gotten pretty computer savvy, so I decided to just make my own family blog. I will try very hard to get into the routine of posting stories and pictures of MY 3 BOYS.

As you know...I have one son, Ryan who is almost 2 years old. Ryan has a baby brother due this summer. 3rd NICK! He is my husband, but he is still one of my boys. I have gotten used to the fact that I am going to be the only woman in our house forever...and I love it that way! :)

Please keep track of my blog..add it to your blog list, your favorites, or become a follower!

Thanks! Danna (Momma)

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