Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Recipes

I have been wanting some new recipes because I have been so tired of making the same stuff that I always I have been searching the internet. I found a recipe blog and tried a couple of recipes off of it and they were both really good!
The first one I tried is Easy Turkey Meatloaf and it turned out really good..Nick still doesn't know what kind of meat was in it!
The other one was probably one of the easiest meals I have ever made, besides heating up leftovers or a frozen meal! It's called Tracy's Awesomest Chicken & Salsa. You have got to try this..super easy and very yummy! :)
I am still on the search for new recipes, so if you know of any good ones that you have tried, please post them in my comments or post a link to a good place to find new fun recipes! I would really appreciate it...and I know Nick would!


  1. Wow. Turkey meatloaf...hmmmm. Gotta say it was good though. -NR

  2. LOL!!! I was wondering what you would think about that!! You can't decide that you didn't like it now that you know what was in it! :)