Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Home!

Well, we decided to go ahead and secure a lot to build our new house on!
We have been looking for a while at a few different lots in Reata..a new subdivision in Fort Chaffee developed by ERC..and the lots in our price range were starting to disappear very quickly, so we decided that now was the time to secure our lot if we wanted to live in this new neighborhood someday!
So that's exactly what we did!!! We put money down on Lot 19..It is one of the wider lots than some of the others in our price range which is great because it will give us a lot of extra room on either side of our house and we will still have a nice big backyard! We are excited but nervous.

So, the plan is to SELL OUR HOUSE before we start building, but as a thank you gift for joining the neighborhood, ERC is clearing our lot for us..so they will probably be doing that in the next week or so..as soon as Nick and I can mark the trees we want to keep!! At least that will feel like some progress on the construction process.
Hopefully our house will sell really soon and we can start building...SO IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR A NICE HOUSE, WE HAVE ONE FOR SALE!!! :) Our house has been great..we have lived here since we got married about 6 1/2 years ago and it was brand new when we moved in. It will be sad leaving our home but very exciting to move on to the next one and make it our new home with our boys!

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