Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ryan's Cousins

My world consists of footballs, basketballs, trucks, and legos...and I know this blog is supposed to be all about boys..but I can't resist posting a few pictures of my baby nieces (Ryan's cousins)!! Logan (17 months) and Leighton (2 months) are in town with their mommy (Barbara) from Kentucky for 3 weeks and they came over to our house last night to play with Ryan.

Logan and Ryan

Logan loves her baby sister!

Logan is a little braver than Ryan..he is still pretty afraid of his talking Elmo that his GiGi got him for Christmas!

Baby Leighton

Ryan's favorite toy...(the Elmo that doesn't talk)

My boys!



Leighton with her Aunt Danna!

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  1. they had a lot of fun together, glad Barb, the girls, and "Na-na" and Grandanny came by. -NR